How to block faces in a video

Łukasz Bonczol
When collecting various video files in your company, you must comply with the provisions of the GDPR, which are designed to protect consumers' data. One of the safeguards is to anonymize personal data (Recital 26), i.a., in the videos. Anonymization is a process involving blurring the faces in the videos. Learn how to do this effectively in order to gather and process video files without putting your organization at risk of violating GDPR.

What is the easiest way to blur faces in a video?
How to blur faces in a video?

To blur all the faces visible in the recording, you can use manual anonymization. The process is based on applying a blur or a mosaic effect on specific locations in each film frame. However, since typically there are about 25 frames per second of a video, you can see how time-consuming and ineffective this form of anonymization is. Moreover, you need a professional video editing software and someone who knows how to use it.

For this reason, many organizations often decide to send video data to external companies that anonymize these recordings for a fee. However, this service is costly and also entails some risks. After all, sharing files with a subcontractor affects data security and requires additional contracts and safety measures. Thankfully, there's a third way. Currently, companies can use applications that automate the entire process with the use of artificial intelligence. That's what we offer here at Gallio.

Our technology for the automatic anonymization of video files can be considered the easiest and most effective solution. Our AI-powered algorithms detect faces in all frames of a recording and automatically blur them. By choosing our application, you save a lot of time and do not risk data leakage.


The basic version of our tool is free to use (for non-commercial purposes). You can download it to your computer here. Once that's done, you can simply:

  1. Add a video file that you want to anonymize
  2. Select the destination folder where the anonymized file will be saved
  3. Confirm

These few clicks are enough for the application to automatically recognize all the faces in the recording and apply the appropriate filters to them. The whole process is quick and intuitive, and it doesn't require any third-party participation, meaning it's 100% safe for your data.

Why use Gallio to block faces in a video?

Speed and security are not the only advantages of the Gallio application. Cost optimization is also worth mentioning. Our program is cheaper not only compared to the services of external companies but also to competitive cloud-based solutions, which also require a high-speed internet connection. What is more, you have three different subscription plans at your disposal, so you can easily choose a solution ideally suited to your needs and budget.

Gallio allows you to quickly anonymize any video files without the need to share data with third parties. The process does not affect the quality of the videos and guarantees a striking accuracy of 98%.

Get our application today and keep your organization's data safe!