Why blur license plates in photos

Blurring license plates in photo. How to make a license plate blurry in a picture?

If you store or publish photos of third-party personal data, you have to anonymize them. This applies to blurring license plates as well. With Gallio PRO, you now have an efficient solution to do so!

In many personal data protection regulations, license plates are considered pieces of personal data, especially when they take up a large part of an image. The anonymization process is used to blur license plates to avoid exposing the personal information of their owners. Fortunately, with our platform, it’s easy to do and does not involve significant expenses.

Why do you need to blur license plates in photos?

If your business needs to store, or publish photos with vehicle registration plates, this means that you’re processing personal data. Such photographs can be used to identify specific people – in this case, car owners. Disseminating license plate numbers would therefore require the consent of appropriate people, which is difficult and frequently even impossible. If you decide to publish such materials arbitrarily – you are breaking the provisions of the GDPR or other personal data protection regulations and exposing yourself to heavy penalties.

For example, if you run a security agency, you must anonymize photos containing license plates. This way, you can protect yourself from negative legal consequences and take care of the professional image of your brand. Also, remember that it is a good idea to stick to these rules, even if you are deliberately not distributing any photos. Even storing such files on your hard drive poses a risk to the personal data of third parties. After all, there can always be an unintentional leak or a hacking attack, which can also have dire consequences for you.

How to blur license plates in photos

You may find the photo anonymization process complicated and costly. It’s a common misconception. In fact, you can do the necessary editing yourself, although, in the case of many files, it will cost you a lot of work and time. Fortunately, there are solutions such as Gallio PRO, an intelligent application for automatic blurring license plates in pictures.

All you need to do is download Gallio PRO to your computer and add all photos that require anonymization. Our artificial intelligence algorithms will independently detect license plates and mask them with proper filters. The whole process happens automatically without your participation. As a result, you almost immediately get 100% secure materials, so the leakage or deliberate dissemination of them is no longer a threat to your business.

Remember that taking care of the security of personal data – both of your customers, employees, and other people – is one of the foundations of a successful business. Make sure your materials containing personal data are anonymized, saving both your time and money.