Anonymize image software

Image anonymization

Gallio PRO is an AI image anonymization software used to detect faces in pictures and blur them automatically. Ensure full compliance with the data protection regulation in your country!

Such a procedure involves machine learning and allows effective anonymization of any graphic files, which reduces the legal and operational risk associated with their storage or publishing. With image data anonymization, you don't have to worry about data protection because anonymized files are not subject to personal data protection regulations.

Because the Gallio PRO application is designed as an on-premises service, its operating costs are even 6 times lower than competitive cloud solutions. One also does not need to sign additional agreements on entrusting personal data.

Gallio PRO - image anonymization made simple

Gallio PRO guarantees the security of all processed files. Thanks to the fact that you do not have to send them to third-party servers, you keep full control over them. The application uses artificial intelligence algorithms, making image anonymization much faster than manual work.

Whether you sell your photos on the Internet or collect graphic files in a corporate database, you must take care of proper image anonymization. This way, you ensure that the personal data of the people in the photos is properly secured. Our solution is fully compliant with any data protection regulation.

Thanks to the Gallio PRO application, you can anonymize images in JPG and PNG formats. It is available as a free demo version for non-commercial use and as a pro or enterprise version for your business.