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Face anonymization

Automated face blurring

As face recognition technology is growing at an exponential pace, the storage of image and video files containing sensitive information poses significant risks. Gallio provides you with a unique solution for privacy protection based on artificial intelligence. Algorithms blur faces making them virtually impossible to recognize while leaving image quality intact.

Automated license plates blurring

Efficiently anonymizes license plates making them illegible. Works with license plate patterns from all around the world. From now on you can store and publish your images and recordings without worrying that someone will recognize a given vehicle and sue you for privacy infringement.
Vehicle plate anonymization

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Pricing & Plan

Available for Windows and MacOS.



  • Face anonymization
  • Unlimited time and number of images and videos
  • Reduce resolution to max 720p
  • For non-commercial use

Solution for private and non-commercial use.

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  • Anonymization of faces and registration plates
  • No watermark
  • Higher performance
  • Better image and video quality
  • Model updates

For business and commercial use.




  • Pro package
  • Dedicated support
  • Customizable
  • Video Stream Anonymization
  • Lifetime license
  • Individual payment terms

Solution for large business and government clients.

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Yes, we provide our customers with a free demo version that does not need to be activated at all and can be used forever for non-commercial use.