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+6x cheaper

Than cloud processing
* These results are based on Gallio's database and may depend of the image/video context (quality, brightness, …)

Desktop software for anonymization

  • Works 100% on-premise
  • No third party cloud computing
  • GPU acceleration for up to 10x faster processing
  • Available for:

Windows 10+

MacOS 10.14+

Automated face blurring

As face recognition technology is growing at an exponential pace, the storage of image and video files containing sensitive information poses significant risks. Gallio provides you with a unique solution for privacy protection based on artificial intelligence. Algorithms blur faces making them virtually impossible to recognize while leaving image quality intact.
Automated face blurring

Automated license plates blurring

Efficiently anonymizes license plates making them illegible. Works with license plate patterns from all around the world. From now on you can store and publish your images and recordings without worrying that someone will recognize a given vehicle and sue you for privacy infringement.
Automated license plates blurring

Blur only selected objects on your footage!

The easy-to-use editor allows you to remove blur from selected faces and license plates.

Share videos and images as evidence and provide recordings on demand to data subjects, while protecting the privacy of anyone else.

Software created to work for you

Cheaper than cloud solutions

Gallio can be installed on your PC. You don't have to pay for expensive cloud computing or a high-speed internet connection.

Automated face blurring


Thanks to Gallio you don’t need to send your recordings to third-party servers. All your images and videos stay on your local machines and you have full control over them.

Automated face blurring

Time & resource efficient

Automated anonymization using artificial intelligence algorithms gets the job done faster than when you do it manually.

Automated face blurring

Pricing & Plan



  • Face and license plates anonymization
  • Unlimited images and videos processing
  • Watermark
  • Reduce resolution to max 720p
  • For personal use

For private and non-commercial use.

-20% with
annual plan



per month

  • Face and license plates anonymization
  • Unlimited images and videos processing
  • No watermark
  • Metadata support
  • High quality image and audio
  • 4K / 8K support
  • Monthly renewable license
  • GPU acceleration
  • License assigned to one computer

For business and commercial use.



  • Professional package +
  • Dedicated support
  • 8K+ support
  • Floating license
  • CLI version
  • Run in VMs and Docker container
  • 1 year or more license span
  • Payment via bank transfer
  • Custom features on demand

For large business and government clients.

Coming from NGO or educational institution?

Contact us for the special pricing.

Enterprise solution

Deploy our API to the private cloud.
Use Docker Container capability

Need an integration with your product or workflows via REST API?

Run a Docker container in your infrastructure and enjoy flexibility without compromising data privacy.

Are you a CCTV monitoring operator?

Do you have surveillance cameras?

Learn about Art. 15 GDPR and possible fines for breaching it.



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Yes, we provide our customers with a free demo version that can be used forever for non-commercial use.

Markets we serve

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ADAS datasets for autonomous vehicles

CCTV operators

Construction companies

GIS industry

Facility management

Law enforcement and military

Medical facilities and healthcare

Mobile mapping

Parking operators

Railways and roadways operators

Schools and education

Shopping malls

Security companies

Smart cities

Transport and spedition

UAV and drone surveying

Virtual walks and Indoor mapping