How to blur license plate in video?

How to blur license plate in video?

Blurring license plates in videos may be necessary for a number of different reasons. If you want to protect the personal data of vehicle owners shown in your recordings, you should make them anonymous. With the Gallio PRO app, it’s quick and effective!

Why is it important to blur license plates?

In order to legally publish a recording showing license plates (especially when they are clearly visible), you need the consent of those vehicle owners. By doing otherwise, you would be breaking the provisions of the GDPR or any other personal data protection regulation (such as eg. CPPA). This, in turn, can expose you to severe financial penalties and, in addition, cause you loss of reputation among existing and potential customers. This is a serious risk to your business!

Some entrepreneurs believe that video anonymization is a solution exclusively for companies whose business is based on publishing content on the Internet. This is a big mistake! License plate blurring can come in handy in many different industries, even if they do not knowingly distribute any material containing personal information. It is enough that they store such files on their work devices.

Recordings can go online at any time and very easily – be it as a result of an unintentional leak or a hacking attack. The reason does not matter. The only thing that matters is that the privacy of third parties can be compromised, and the company’s management may end up being punished for it.

Anonymization should, therefore, be a priority for all owners and managers of parking lots, security corporations, property managers and many other companies that store videos containing license plates. If you care about the professional image of your company, you should not underestimate the security of personal data!

How to blur out license plates in videos

Now that you know why license plate blur is so important, it is time to think about how to do this. Of course, you have many different solutions at your disposal. Each of them will work for a different group of users.

The first way is to use a free video editing program. Many such tools are available on the web. Usually, their operation does not require a lot of IT experience, although it all depends on the advancement of the application. The bigger problem, however, relates to the way they work. It may turn out that license plates need to be manually blurred on each frame of the film. One second of video is typically as much as 25 frames, which means the process can take a lot of time and work.

Therefore, many companies decide to use an alternative solution, which consists of using the services of an external IT/anonymization company. Such contractors usually have professional software at their disposal, thanks to which video anonymization is fast and safe. However, it comes at a price, so organizations that often need to have their license plates blurred on videos face high costs. They must also sign appropriate agreements on the processing of personal data with the subcontractor because, in order to edit such video materials legally, they must be made available to a third party within the requirements of a given personal data protection regulation.

Considering all the inconveniences of the methods mentioned above, we launched Gallio PRO. It is an easy-to-use application that exploits artificial intelligence algorithms to anonymize your videos. Thanks to the innovative mode of operation, Gallio PRO saves you both time and money and, at the same time, is completely safe for your digital content as it doesn't have to leave your device or disk.

How to blur license plate in Gallio PRO

Gallio PRO is easy to use, even if you’re not experienced with editing videos. In order to blur the license plates in the video, you only need to follow these steps:

  1. Download the Gallio PRO application to your work computer.
  2. Import video files that you want to anonymize.
  3. Select the destination folder where finished movies will be saved.
  4. Click on "Start".

That is all! The program will automatically detect license plates on each frame of the film and apply appropriate filters to them. The process will run in the background, thus saving you a lot of time. You will also not have to spend money on the services of an external company. What is more, video files will not leave your work computer, which will reduce the risk of their loss, damage or leakage.

The Gallio PRO application works with video files in MP4 and MOV formats, which allows you to process most of the recordings stored in the company's database. The program is available in the on-premises version, which significantly reduces the costs of its operation compared to cloud solutions. It also increases the security of data because you do not have to upload anything online in order to edit your files.

Gallio PRO guarantees accuracy of up to 98%!

The Gallio PRO application is intended primarily for business use. It is available in Professional and Enterprise versions. The first one guarantees you access to the anonymization of license plates and faces in photos and videos. The second is a personalized solution that we adapt to the needs of the most demanding customers (e.g., live-streaming anonymization). If you want to test our tool or use it for private use, you can always reach for the Demo version that's available 100% for free.

How to blur license plate in video – summary

Blurring license plates in videos is the responsibility of every entrepreneur who cares about the security of the personal data of their customers and employees. This way, you build a professional image of your company and secure its interests. Fortunately, anonymizing your videos does not have to involve a lot of work or significant money investments.

All you need is the intuitive Gallio PRO app!