How to make a face blurry in a picture

Blurring face in photo. How to make a face blurry in a picture?

According to all personal data protection regulations, disseminating the image of third parties is allowed only with their consent. If you cannot ensure such consent, you need to blur faces in your photos. How to do it quickly and conveniently? Use the Gallio PRO app!

How to blurring face in photo

The process of blurring faces consists of applying an appropriate filter to selected parts of the photo. Thanks to this solution, the person presented in a picture cannot be recognized, so their privacy is adequately protected. You can publish files protected this way on the internet and store them on your work computer without necessity to comply with personal data storage regime defined by GDPR or the risk of any problems caused by their leakage or theft.

Nowadays, photo anonymization is a crucial aspect of running a responsible business.

Blurring faces in photos can be necessary for both individual users and large companies. However, the latter will primarily benefit from the anonymization of the photos. For example, if you run a security agency or store CCTV materials on your devices, blurring faces in photos is your absolute duty. If you do not take care of the security of the collected personal data, you risk very high financial penalties.

How to make a face blurry in a picture

There are many solutions enabling blurring faces in photos. Your choice should depend on the amount of material you have collected and the type of photos you store. If there are just a few of them, you can anonymize them yourself. Even simple graphics software will be sufficient. This solution is free and uncomplicated, but it will take a long time with more images.

For this reason, some users – especially big companies that store or publish large numbers of photos – decide to entrust anonymization to external contractors. All materials should then be made available to the contractor, who can use advanced software to blur the faces visible in the images. Thanks to this solution, you save a lot of time and work. On the other hand, third-party services can turn out to be costly, especially if you use them frequently. Moreover, when sending your materials to a different company, you must sign appropriate agreements concerning the processing of personal data. Additional security measures might also be necessary.

Is there a way to effectively blur faces in photos while saving you time and money? This is how Gallio PRO works. It's a simple application that uses artificial intelligence algorithms and is available to everyone. Whether you need a tool for private use or run a large enterprise, you can download our application to your computer and use it to anonymize your photos.

How does Gallio PRO work?

Gallio PRO is an application that works on premises. This makes it much cheaper and safer than cloud solutions. Thanks to Gallio PRO, all materials remain on your work computer at all times. The costs of the program, however, depend on the version you choose:

  • Demo version – available for free for private use
  • Professional version – fully functional, available as a monthly subscription
  • Enterprise version – a personalized service for the most demanding clients

With Gallio PRO on your disk, you can open all the photos you want and anonymize them quickly and easily. When you run the anonymization process, the program will automatically detect the faces in your photos and then apply filters to them that will blur all the relevant parts of the photos. Your role is therefore limited to a few clicks while the entire procedure takes place in the background.

Gallio PRO is an all-in-one solution that allows you to quickly, easily and inexpensively blur faces in your photos. The application works with files in JPG and PNG formats, so you can successfully use it to anonymize all materials stored in the company's database.

Remember that processing personal data in the form of photos that present people requires you to implement appropriate solutions to secure their privacy. If you care about the professional image of your brand and do not want to risk fines resulting from breaking the GDPR (or any other personal data protection regulation), be sure to get good photo anonymization software. Gallio PRO is an effective and easy-to-use application, thanks to which everyone can blur the faces visible on any graphic materials without any problems.

Choose the best version of Gallio PRO and install it on key devices in your company. If you need a more advanced solution than the Professional version, please contact us and tell us what you need. We will set up a perfectly tailored service just for you, including functions specific to your business!