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Protect personal data in your photos and videos with automatic face blurring software.

With Gallio PRO, you can quickly anonymize any image or video file. Everything happens on-premises, so you do not need to upload private media to third-party servers. If you are looking for an option to blur faces online, try the Gallio PRO application today! It is a safe, fast, and convenient way to blur faces in your videos.

Automatic face blur software from Gallio PRO is a simple tool for everyone - amateurs, professionals, small businesses, and corporations.

Its operation is extremely intuitive and allows you to anonymize any photo or video in three simple steps. All you need to do is:

  1. Download the application and install it on your device
  2. Add the appropriate files
  3. Select whether you want to blur faces, license plates, or both
  4. Select the destination folder and start the process

Next, you just have to confirm everything, and advanced artificial intelligence algorithms will handle the whole process themselves. They will automatically detect the faces shown in graphics or videos and apply the appropriate blurring filters to them.

Thanks to several variants of Gallio PRO, everyone will find the perfect face blur software for them. The application is available, i.a., in a free Demo version. It allows for unlimited processing of photos and videos, but it puts a watermark on the output file. It is, therefore, intended for private use only (you cannot use it for commercial purposes).

For companies, we provide Professional and Enterprise versions. The first one is available as a subscription and has no restrictions. The second is, in turn, a convenient solution for large entities, allowing for negotiable payment forms and terms, as well as some extra features and customization delivered on demand.

Face blurring software

Many people are unaware of the importance of anonymizing data. However, software to blur faces in video and image files is useful to everyone - from content creators to owners of large companies. It all depends on what materials you have and for what purpose. If you regularly publish videos online, you need permission to distribute the image of the recorded people. If you do not have them, you are breaking the GDPR and CPPA regulations and exposing yourself to trouble and possibly high penalties.

You also have to remember that legislation generally treats a person's image as a form of personal data. Therefore, storing videos with people's images means processing personal data, so it should be done in compliance with GDPR, CPPA, or any other personal data protection regulation. After anonymizing, these videos no longer contain personal data, so they can be stored freely and without time limitations.

What about surveillance footage? Some companies decide just to store surveillance recordings in files that are not publicly available. However, note that any organization's database is more or less vulnerable to hacking attacks. As a result, data leakage may occur, jeopardizing many people's images. Such negligence is also a reason for heavy fines.

In order not to put yourself or your organization at unnecessary risk, it is worth opting for the automatic face blur software. Its operation will not require any serious financial outlays or large time resources. Gallio PRO is an application that anyone processing large amounts of files containing personal data should have on their device.

Automatic face blur software

If you are looking for a way to blur face online, you should appreciate Gallio PRO's advantages. Using the application is up to 6 times cheaper compared to competitive cloud-based software. It also offers 98% efficiency.

Moreover, when processing any files, you do not have to share them with third parties. This would entail the need to conclude appropriate agreements and would pose an unnecessary threat to the security of the transmitted data. With Gallio PRO, you store photo/video files on your own computer, keeping full control over them.

Software to blur faces in video

Automatic face blurring software from Gallio PRO allows you to process JPG and PNG images as well as MP4 and MOV movies. You will successfully use it to anonymize your stored and published materials. The program is flexible with resource usage, so you do not even need professional equipment for this. In fact, it works even on consumer-grade devices.

It is a simple and intuitive solution that can be useful to everyone. Its operation costs you almost nothing and can save you a lot of unnecessary problems!

Try Gallio PRO today!