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Video Anonymization Software

Do you record and/or publish videos containing personal data? Do you share videos with third parties and want to stay compliant with GDPR? Make sure they are all anonymized. And now, you have a quick and efficient way to do so. That’s what Gallio PRO is for!

Gallio PRO is an easy-to-use application available on premises. Just install it on your computer to anonymize videos in MP4 or MOV format. Thanks to this solution, you do not have to transfer large files to external servers or risk data leakage because you will carry out the entire process on your own device.

Using video anonymization software from Gallio PRO is extremely easy. All you have to do is add the files to the application, select the destination folder and start the process. Artificial intelligence algorithms will detect all the faces and license plates in the videos and apply a filter to them. Easily, quickly, and effectively!

Gallio PRO - video anonymization software for everyone

Gallio PRO video anonymization software is an innovative solution that facilitates the protection of personal data contained in video files. Until now, blurring faces visible in the recordings required a lot of manual work or the use of an external company. Efficient equipment and appropriate competencies were needed to carry out this process. As a result, for video owners, this meant that video anonymization was bothersome for at least three reasons:

  • First off, it required the time-consuming transfer of large files both ways (to and from the third-party anonymization company).
  • Secondly, it was expensive, especially in the case of large-size files.
  • Thirdly, it exposed the organization to the risk of data leakage.

Moreover, some entities simply cannot share certain data with external parties (e.g., government agencies).

Gallio PRO is a professional-grade video anonymization software that solves all of these problems at once! And there is no need to sign any data entrustment contracts.

Gallio PRO application is available in three versions:

  1. The Demo version is for non-commercial use by anyone (free forever).
  2. Professional is a standard solution for companies, included in the subscription.
  3. Enterprise is a personalized service for the most demanding institutions. For example, this version enables real-time video anonymization during live streaming.

It is worth remembering that the need for video anonymization applies to everyone - whether you store surveillance or other video recordings in a corporate database, are a journalist, or publish videos on YouTube. If you do not have permission to publish the image of people in your films/recordings, you cannot do that.

However, blurring faces in videos yourself would cost you a lot of time and work. It is enough to realize that the filter must be applied to each film frame, and one second of a video file usually has as many as 25 frames.

Instead of wasting time on manual work (or money on third-party services), it is better to use Gallio PRO video anonymization software. This tool allows you to blur people's faces as well as license plates in your videos and photos - cheaply and hassle-free.

With Gallio PRO, you do not risk breaking the provisions of the GDPR, CPPA, or any personal data protection regulation.