License plate blur

Blur number plate

Distributing photos or videos showing vehicle license plates can cause you unnecessary problems. To avoid them, you need a solution to blur number plates. And we have one!

Storing, distributing or publishing images and videos with visible number plates is often inconsistent with the provisions of the GDPR (as well as other data protection regulations) or CPPA, as license plates are considered pieces of personal data.

You can imagine a situation where the publication or leakage of materials presenting an easily identifiable car and its license plate brings unpleasant consequences for its owner. That’s why you should always anonymize such photos and videos.

The cases where one vehicle takes up a large part of the frame are particularly dangerous. The more visible the number plate, the greater the risk of breaching the personal data protection regulation. Whether you intentionally post photos and videos online or they are leaked accidentally, it is always a good idea to keep them anonymized.

License plate blur should not be a problem when it comes to a single photo. All you need is a simple graphic program that allows you to cover the appropriate picture fragment in any way. However, anonymizing a video or many photos at once is much more difficult. Both cases boil down to the same problem – putting the appropriate filter on tens, hundreds, and maybe even thousands of frames.

Blur number plate

Using a blur license plate app is a good solution to anonymize your photos and videos containing license plate instantly. That’s where Gallio PRO comes in handy. Our tool uses artificial intelligence algorithms to detect license plates in your files and apply appropriate filters to them. The whole process happens automatically in the background, thus saving you a lot of time.

To use Gallio PRO, you just need to download our application to your computer and add the files in which you want to blur the number plate. Then select the target folder and start anonymization. You do not need to upload your media to third parties or use complex cloud solutions.

Blur plate number using Gallio PRO

Gallio PRO saves you a lot of money and is completely safe for your files. You have full control over them because they do not have to leave your hard drive – everything happens on-premises.

The great advantage of Gallio PRO is its flexibility. The application is available for each customer segment:

  • For private use, there is the Demo version of the program.
  • Companies can opt for a subscription for the full Professional version or decide to buy a personalized Enterprise solution that offers blurring license plates even during live streaming.

If you do not want to expose yourself to the negative consequences of breaking the GDPR, CPPA, or any other data protection regulation, and you have numerous photos or recordings containing personal information (e.g., plate number), be sure to get Gallio PRO. Our solution will surely be useful whether you are a building owner, surveillance operator, parking lot operator, photographer, or online creator.