JP Research India Case Study

Pradeep Jaswani

Chief Operating Officer
JP Research India PVT LTD

About JP Research

Road Accident Sampling System, India (RASSI), conceived by JPRI and supported by Consortium of Automotive & Components manufacturers, works towards data driven Scientific Crash Investigations in India. Being a scientific study, one of the key criteria is anonymizing all data related to crash, victims, vehicles and related aspects.

The problem

Research work involves analyzing a lot of photographic evidence. This study is purely scientific and no proprietary or personal information (including victim names, vehicle registration numbers, etc.) can be stored in the analytical database. And hence all such evidence has to be anonymized. The problem faced whilst undertaking anonymisation was vast diversity of photographs and no standardization, leading to the task being rendered ineffective by any software tool we have tried so far. As a result we had to undertake an enormous manual effort to achieve the anonymization objective.

“All the photos are anonymized on-premise, so we don't need to send sensitive data to third parties.”

The solution

With Gallio PRO we have got a perfect solution to anonymize all the photographical evidence. Gallio PRO helps us de-indetify human faces and vehicle number plates in a single click. All we need to do is to dump a set of photographs directly into their tool and it does all the work for us. All the photos are anonymized on-premise, so we don't need to send sensitive data to third parties. Gallio PRO team has supported us with continuous upgrades to improve the accuracy over a period of time.

The business value

Gallio PRO has been of intense use for RASSI. Before we had a lot of manual intervention required and now it is just fully automated. Each set of photographs is now done in very little time and as a result it is a great time saver for us.