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Due to war and security reasons, the author preferred to remain anonymous

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As the largest private rail company in public railway transport in North Rhine-Westphalia, it’s important for us to be flexible in terms of how we operate. Our operating area is one of the largest and most complex rail networks in Europe with many possibilities to change to other routes.

That means we need to be very flexible in terms of our route learning.

Each driver must be convinced of the route they drive on. To ensure this is given, we offer our drivers a digital route learning platform to watch videos of each possible route.

We film each route in our operating area for our learning platform and cut these recordings into relevant parts and highlight the risks of each route in each video. If there’s a spontaneous construction site, we can react immediately and give the order to our drivers to acquire the required knowledge about the alternative route.

The value

Because of our high and important data protection standards, we anonymize the faces of the people in each video recording. These include:

  1. Passengers on the platform
  2. Other railway workers on the track
  3. Pedestrians on parallel streets or footpaths

Gallio does a great job of helping us do that, also at high-speed passings or on long distances. It’s great to have an overview over the rest of the entire platform or rail infrastructure, because Gallio only anonymizes the faces in question, but not the other things around the people in a given environment. Thanks for helping us to help others.