BONES Studio Case Study Case Study

Bones Studio - Case Study

As a leader in motion capture technology, Motion Capture Bones Studio consistently delivers kinematic data with unrivaled speed and quality through our automated pipelines. Protecting the identities of performers in our reference videos is crucial. For this, we rely on Gallio PRO visual data anonymization software.

We discovered this solution while urgently needing to anonymize a large collection of videos. After comparing available options, Gallio PRO topped the list due to its fully on-premise data processing, ease of deployment, dependability, and very reasonable pricing at scale. Their sales team was incredibly responsive, providing a solution that addressed our needs overnight.

Gallio PRO precisely blurs faces in our videos, even when actors move dynamically across the stage in fight and chase scenes, ensuring their privacy while keeping the footage intact and usable for our clients.

Key benefits of using Gallio PRO include:

  • Precision blurring: The software accurately tracks and blurs faces throughout the recording, regardless of the actors' movements. Its dependability is on par with the absolute top-tier solutions currently available on the market.
  • Seamless integration: Gallio PRO integrates smoothly into our workflow, maintaining our rapid data processing without disruptions.
  • Legal compliance: The tool helps us adhere to strict data protection standards and meet legal compliance and contractual requirements imposed by both regulators and clients. It is particularly effective for legitimate cross-border data transfers.
  • Aesthetics: The program offers multiple blur options, allowing for subtle and unobtrusive blur effects suitable for video production.

In conclusion, using Gallio PRO has resolved the legal and compliance challenges associated with processing personal data in the videos we record and share, allowing us to focus on our business.

Marcin Panek

CTO & Co-Founder
Motion Capture Bones Studio