Mateusz Zimoch

Mateusz Zimoch

Mateusz is an accomplished engineer with an unwavering passion for advancing the frontiers of technology, particularly in Computer Science, Data Science, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). His extensive expertise and leadership have catalyzed innovative projects, marking him as a distinguished figure in the field.

With a profound dedication to AI, Mateusz has excelled as a successful team leader, steering groundbreaking initiatives that have left an indelible mark on the industry. His prowess in engineering earned him recognition as the winner of a US Navy contest for developing an autonomous underwater drone prototype, showcasing his ingenuity and technical acumen.

A visionary entrepreneur, Mateusz stands as the founder of two startups, each dedicated to pioneering AI-powered Computer Vision solutions and constructing Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs). His ventures signify not only a drive for innovation but also a mission to leverage AI responsibly while ensuring individual privacy and data protection.

Mateusz's commitment extends beyond technological advancements; he strongly advocates for the ethical development and deployment of AI, championing the cause for stringent data protection measures and privacy preservation within emerging technologies.

Through his multifaceted career, Mateusz has consistently championed the fusion of cutting-edge technology with a steadfast commitment to safeguarding individual privacy, laying the foundation for a future where technological progress aligns harmoniously with ethical considerations.